Ocean Demonstration

Becoming Ocean

Recorded performances of Becoming Ocean

Imagine that you’re lying on the beach with your back on the wet sand. It’s winter and there is a storm. The sand, carried by the wind, is traveling and brushing over your hands and feet.

Instructions for one person/solo

Lay on the floor on your back, arms relaxed next to your hips, legs spread out with a small distance between them. Take your time to feel comfortable. Focus on your breath. Observe how you’re breathing in and out and how your breath deepens, slowly. Notice the rhythm of your breath and whether it is constant.

Now, when breathing out, bend your knees while sliding your feet on the ground towards your butt. With the breathing in, stretch your legs again on the floor. Continue this movement of the legs, following your breathing rhythm. After a while, add your arms to the movement. When breathing in, slide your arms on the ground until they reach up above your head. Breathe out and slide your hands back down next to your hips. Notice the sound that your moving body produces on the floor and how it is reminiscent of the sound of the waves breaking on the beach. You’re two at once, the human body, lying on the beach, and the ocean.
Explore those movements and rhythms and follow them in any direction they might take you.

Two people

If you're two, the second person stands close to the first, without blocking their movement. Take some sand in your hand and carefully sprinkle it on the person's hands and feet, making a circle around their body. You can take your time for this. Once in a while, take a break from the sand to play the sound of the foghorn, as in the recording above.

T.v.AIf something should sound, it would be the foghorn.

Ostend, Belgium2Ostend, Belgium1