Ocean Demonstration


Imagine that you are standing on the ocean shore listening to the huge waves breaking in front of you. Looking out on the horizon, imagine that you can almost feel the shore at the other end of the Atlantic and the immensity of the body of water in between.


Take a microphone. Place it close to your mouth. Wrap your hands around it so as to intensify its resonance. Breathe in and out loudly, making a dry “ch” or “sch” sound to imitate the sound of waves as they break on the shore. If you're many, coordinate your breathing with the others. Keep the soundscape steady and as loud as possible.

Leaning Back

Now place your attention on your back. Notice your back and the space that exists behind you. Imagine the vastness of this space. Imagine the space in your back drawing you like a magnet. Give into it slightly. Before you lose your balance completely and fall back, catch yourself and return to the front.

If you're many, you can interchange between sounding and leaning back.