Ocean Demonstration


Instruction for Technician(s):

Use your voice to produce a high-pitched sound with your soft pallet. Try a sound that's loud and penetrating, as laughing can sometimes be. It can be produced at different pitches and in different colors, shifting registers from a “hahahah” to a “heheheheh” or even a very high-pitched “hihihihih”. You can play with those different possibilities or repeat already used sounds. In case of multiple voices, relate your sound to those of the others.

Instruction for Listener(s):

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re standing on the edge of a cliff on a remote island. There’s a flock of seagulls flying very close to you, just off the cliff. Imagine that you’re looking at them through a pair of binoculars. Because of the black frame inside the binoculars, you cannot see the land, just the birds flying around you. You are surrounded by the sounds of the birds that appear to be almost laughing.
Your feet are firmly on the ground and still you have the feeling that you are part of the flock of seagulls and that you are flying amongst them.